The MyFxBook site is used as an automatic analysis tool for Forex trading accounts. This site is the only web service that a trader can use to perform complete statistical analysis (monitoring) based on mathematics. Also, investors can, by executing trades by signal traders (copying trades); operate with less risk in financial markets.

General introduction of the myfxbook site

The idea of ​​developing this platform came up in 2007, it took 2 years to prepare the first version, and users were able to access it in 2009 as a suitable analytical tool for MT4 and MT5. But this platform could not gain popularity at that time due to lack of functionality and main idea. Meanwhile, in 2014, its developers were able to achieve a suitable design for its ideal operation. After receiving a license (support) from CySEC, traders became more familiar with it. In the same year, MyFxBook’s analytical section was improved with the addition of a trade copying section. This platform is a combination of trading platforms, trading journals with advanced analytical tools, forex analysis and forums. In the design of this platform, it has been tried to provide all aspects of convenience in the field of trading, analysis of trading systems and accounts, as well as sharing traders’ opinions. Advanced traders use these platforms to improve their trading systems. They optimize and follow their implementation process. Also, investors and managers can find each other. In the meantime, MyFxBook can provide transparency, security and proper guarantee for them mutually. MyFxBook can support trading platforms such as Metatrader 4 and 5 and cTrader.

What are the features of the MyFxBook site?
Economic calendar:

It is located in the home and above the dashboard. This calendar is a standard calendar that can filter events based on day, importance and type of asset traded. Note that you cannot categorize news by type (for example, you cannot set the settings to only receive Central Bank news).

Calculations in forex:

Calculations in forex are based on 5 items and they are: Fibonacci, margin, pivot points, pip, trading volume. You can find all of them in the home section.

iron trade:

Auto Trade Account is a type of account mirroring service where you can identify traders who have linked their accounts to MyFxBook. For this purpose, a separate section is considered in the main menu. It is enough for the investor to register an account with the MyFxBook broker and activate the automatic copy option. First, you can test the copied signals on a demo account. To become a trading activity provider (signaler), 3 months must have passed since opening your account on MyFxBook, you must not have withdrawn more than 50% of your account, you must have completed at least 100 trades in the last 3 months, and The minimum balance of your account should be 1000 dollars in 3 trading months. These traders should not use martingale trading.

A set of tools for market analysis:

Pay attention to the following useful options: it is possible to analyze the fluctuations of forex currencies using various filters, information about liquidity and check the relationship between currency pairs with each other on this platform. There are suggestions on technical trading patterns for 4 major currency pairs, in which MyFxBook offers more than 30 patterns and provides them to traders (the table is updated every 30 seconds).

Forex spread brokers:

There is information about this issue in the broker section. This tool allows you to compare the various spreads provided by different brokers that are connected to the MyFxBook network. This is for people who use sensitive strategies; It is useful where the spread includes most of the profits.


Features offered on the myfxbook site

Since the MyFX website pursues ambitious goals and has defined a wide and valuable mission for itself, it benefits from various features and capabilities.

You have the possibility to analyze your trading system

You can analyze your account with the advanced trading analysis of this platform and understand your trading habits from the inside. Forget about spreadsheets or any manual calculations you’re used to and let the platform do the math for you. With this, not only will your personal account be automatically analyzed without your intervention, but you will have more time to trade.

Organize and track all trading systems

We understand that organizing multiple systems simultaneously can be a complex task. You have the possibility to follow all of them in your private collection on myfxbook and know exactly what is happening on every system at any time.

Use the platform’s innovative dashboard to stay up-to-date on the markets

What is considered by the platform as the most important information that every trader should learn before starting his trades, is created in a single dashboard based on the state of the markets, top news and calendar of economic events. Additionally, you can view recent forum discussions and learn how other systems you’re watching are doing.

You can find a good money manager and broker at myfxbook

Looking for a financial manager for your accounts? Use the feature of search engines and find a suitable financial manager. Browse through their public portfolio and see if they can deliver the results you want. Remember, the results you see on this site are real and verified.

Follow other traders

If you are new to forex trading, you can start learning from successful traders with this feature. Follow their public systems, discuss with them and expand your trading knowledge.

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